6 tips for creating a PR hype for your ICO

6 tips for creating a PR hype for your ICO

Cryptocurrency industry is gaining popularity at a great rate, so new ICOs are appearing daily. It means that without building an effective PR hype strategy your ICO project may just loose itself among a large range of other initial coin offering startups.

Today we will talk about ways of attracting attention to your ICO and principles of well-organized PR campaign. The first step to the success is getting attention of the core audience. The second one is providing this audience with clear and precise details of the project. It is essential to deliver as complete information as possible about the developers, the aims and the total protection of the contributors’ interests. That entire stuff is usually placed in the project’s White Paper. Use our tips to create the most powerful PR hype campaign the world has ever seen.

Tip 1: Identifying the communication channels

The most efficient communicational channels are the social media networks, like Twitter or Facebook. Use them to advertise you project. Facebook offers various opportunities and it wouldn’t be smart to ignore them. Review through different Facebook communities focusing on Journalists who search for speakers in digital as well as technology industry. Become a speaker in the appropriate field. Browse web resources such as helpareporter.com, answer user questions mentioning your projects. Make up a list of media resources which might advertise your ICO. Interact with channels like CoinTelegraph and the-blockchain.com, Cryptocoinsnews together with Coinews.io etc.

Tip 2: Listing the ICO on other dedicated platforms

The internet offers a wide variety of free sites, publishing and containing ICO listings. Our resource, ICO Buffer is considered to be one of the best communities to place the information about your initial coin offering projects. Icoalert.com, smith & crown and tokenmarket.net. are among the other biggest websites devoted to ICOs. Each of the before mentioned resources offer special opportunities such as premium placement and advertising. It is necessary to reach as far as possible: don’t limit yourself to only English sites, try and find similar platforms in Asia, Russia and Arabic countries – the blockchain market is highly developed there. Give them all the details of the project and provide with the translated version of the WP.

Tip 3: Being in touch with the audience

It is essential to maintain contacts with the target audience before the ICO and throughout the whole process. Use tools like Slack and Telegram for communication with potential contributors. You may also use the opportunities of forums such as Bitcointalk and Reddit. It would be a plus to hire specialist to keep the discussions about your project. A forum debate is a form of interaction with the audience allowing you to get feedback from future users and participants of the ICO. Don’t ignore queries which come by the e-mail – avoiding answering user question may lead to customer disloyalty and company reputational damage.

Tip 4: Strong marketing as a tool for enhancing the PR campaign effect

A Bounty program may become a strong and powerful mean of the promotional activity. It is essential to attract attention of customers to your ICO, so you can award them with tokens for performing actions positively influencing the promotion. Rewarding users for signature campaigns on bitcointalk or email subscriptions as well as for blog posting may be the way to attract new participants.

Tip 5: Taking part in relevant events

Every year hundreds of events dedicated to blockchain industry are held all over the world. Seminars, meet-ups, conferences are a highly effective way to make right acquaintances and to get partners.

Tip 6: Choosing best timing for the project

To succeed in launching you ICO you need to start the PR campaing at least 3 month earlier. Draw up a plan of media communication program. Than define the sources for launching your commercial PR campaign. Finally, make sure that all the necessary promotional materials, such as press releases and copywriting instruments are prepared. Set up a schedule of PR events; contact all the speakers to confirm their presence.