5 Jobs in the cryptocurrency market

5 Jobs in the cryptocurrency market

The world’s currency is growing today with frenzied speed, here and there new companies are emerging that need new workers who are professionals in the digital and financial spheres. But unfortunately, it is very difficult to find good specialists in this field.

Less than 10 years, as the world saw the first bitcoins, and the most intensive development of the digital currency market falls only in recent years. The universe of crypto-currency is really young and it concerns not only the market, but also its participants. For example, among the majority of companies that trade in virtual money, the average age of their creators is not more than 40 years. An unpleasant factor is that many of these people cannot even rightly be considered a real guru of the blockchain. Hiring technical specialists for themselves, companies require a good understanding of the work of the crypto-currency market, as well as strong practical skills. Even many large companies, which seemingly already have considerable experience and take a firm position on the stock exchange, are only at the very beginning. It is difficult to say whether they are ready to take on their work young, ambitious, but at the same time very promising people and help them independently in the development of the detachment. Let’s see who is ready to do it.


Perhaps the very first who will happily challenge you to consider your candidacy are the new ICO projects, which are trying to come up with something new and maximize the quality of their innovative technologies in the system of crypto-currency. Requirements for the candidate will already depend directly on the company itself looking for a worker.

Technical companies

Such large companies as Intel, Microsoft or IBM not so long ago also began to work on the development of detachments and, accordingly, to search for people who will deal with them. It is not excluded, but with time and other companions will do the same. But, alas, getting a job in such a company will be much more difficult.

Banks and private enterprises

Another large companies that are trying to learn the technology of exchange trading are Visa, AirBnb and even Barclays. But in this situation there is another question. Perhaps the future employee will need knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the work of this particular firm, and not only the experience with virtual currency.

Firms that provide advice

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Ernst & Young and KPMG also started looking for professionals. Opportunities for employees of this “big four” are incredibly large, because every day more people are in need of consulting services.


In just a few years of existence blockchain reached the top of the country. So, in Russia, the authorities are already interested in these technologies and are going to develop their own systems for government purposes. In the Chinese Republic, the authorities are going to establish control over the blockchain and centralize its work. Another country interested in acquiring a crypt exchange is Estonia, where it is going to sell citizenship electronically. In addition, specialists in blockchain for espionage are very popular for all governments.

Current job offers

We selected the top 5 best vacancies for the employees of the detachments from all corners of the world, in which both the head of the department and the trainees are required. Maybe one of them will interest you!


Job: Big Data Software Engineer
Company: KPMG
Country: NY, U.S.
Salary: N/A
Responsibilities: Creating applications of different themes for users who work on a well-defined algorithm are fairly easy to use and use completely new technologies. Employees will also have to work in the intersectoral department with teams that are prenadling to KPMG. This is important for a better understanding of the business model algorithm and the current state of affairs in leading crypto-companies.
Learn more: http://www.respondhr.com/55733978

Job: Sr. Consultant — Blockchain Developer
Company: IBM
Country: NY, Chicago, Dallas U.S.
Salary: N/A
Responsibilities: First of all, the employee will have to coordinate all the personnel in complex tasks. Also, he will need to conduct an analysis of the situation on the stock market, the provision of technologies for distributed databases.
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Job: Head of internet marketing
Company: LAToken (ICO/startup)
Country: Moscow, RF
Salary: 4000 – 6000 USD NET
Responsibilities: Complete regulation of an integrated system for studying the volume of information transmitted through a computer network for a certain period of time, merging with other platforms.
Learn more: https://hh.ru/vacancy/22523753?query=blockchain


Job: Digital Intern
Company: Warner Bros. Entertainment Group
Country: Burbank, California, U.S.
Salary: N/A
Responsibilities: Together with the main team to develop innovative digital projects, offer their research options based on the latest technological discoveries (such as AI, Blockchain, AR / VR or Digtial Identity). And also it will be necessary to analyze the market of crypto-currencies and other topics related to the digital economy.
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Job: Project Head, Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technology
Company: World Economic Forum
Country: San Francisco, U.S.
Salary: N/A
Responsibilities: Establishment of communication in the international arena. Involvement of both public and private entrepreneurs in the dialogue. And also carrying out of analytics for studying of the main potentially favorable spheres for participation and mutual cooperation. For example, authorities, scientific and production associations, international institutions, etc. In addition, conduct an analysis of all existing standards.
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