5 amazing facts about cryptocurrency that happened in 2017

5 amazing facts about cryptocurrency that happened in 2017

Before 2018 begins, let’s make a summary of the most crazy, amazing and strange things that happened on the cryptocurrency scene in the past year. Hold on, it’s going to be a roller-coaster read. Here are the 5 surprising blockchain facts you can tell your friends straight away!

No1 Cryptokitties

The first game to have built with the use of Ethereum technologies has literally exploded the cryptocurrency market. In just a week after the game has been launched over 10% of transactions coming through the Ethereum blockchain were related to Cryptokotties purchases. Now how is that possible? We think that Cryptokitties is really the apotheosis of the crypto craze of this year with people ready to pay hundred thousand of dollars for just a tiny graphic image of a kitten – because that’s what a Cryptokitty really is.

No2 The lost hard drive with bitcoins worth over 75 mln $

Now that’s an epic fail of 2017! The unlucky guy from New Port, James Howells, has thrown away a hard drive with bitcoins worth 75 mln $. He has been desperately trying to get it away from the landfill, unsuccessfully so far. This could really be a great math’s problem for kids in school: at the moment Mr. Howell’s life took a wrong turn in 2013 his bitcoins were worth 9,3 mln $, calculate the amount his fortune has grown in 4 years time?

No3 Filecoin still the largest ICO in history

This summer something unprecedented has been happened in the world of big fintech – an ICO has raised an incredible amount of over 257 mln $. Moreover, to get the first 200 mln $ it took only 30 minutes for founders of Filecoin. This record will be in history, simply believe our words! We are anticipating the further development of the project: with huge investments and innovative idea behind the project Filecoin’s team can disrupt the market of data storage.

No4 SingularityNET

This project can be named the breakthrough of 2017! Earlier this summer robot Sophia Hanson has been officially presented to the world. It took founders of the project less than 6 months to set up a new major project working on blockchain – the SingularityNET. The team is working on a revolutionary cloud based solution for AI development. SingularityNET is launching a token generation program later this month to attract investments for the development of the project. Don’t miss your chance to take part in something that can really change the world!

No5 Countries that have banned cryptocurrency

With bitcoin development and ICO’s sparking all over the world, governments of many countries have put under discussion the legal status of the cryptocurrency market. From turbulence in China to political instability of the cryptocurrency question in Russia, let’ s have look which countries banned cryptocurrency payments so far. One would be surprised that there are only six countries in the list: Morocco, Nepal, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Ecuador. Well, no one really wanted to make business in this countries anyway, so breath out, bitcoin’s still has a chance for getting a legal status.