3 Interesting ICO’s you wouldn’t like to miss

3 Interesting ICO’s you wouldn’t like to miss

By Pavel Leonov

Development of the blockchain industry gives birth to the most exotic ideas in the space.  I have recently heard of the Cryptotrain Coin to be launched next year.  Several Russian cryptocurrency investors are planning to launch a “cryptotrain,” by loading Bitcoin mining equipment, and moving it over Russia’s vast railroads to places with best electricity prices.  The benefit of such an arrangement is that it will provide crypto-miners with a strong position to negotiate better electricity prices with electricity providers. Keeping equipment on an easy-to-move train platform also gives the flexibility to replace aged equipment with the latest versions.  One point to consider: railroad gauges in China and Russia are different, so the movement of such a train can only be free within Russia.   How the team plans to solve the cross border issues will be seen once they file their Whitepaper.

Another interesting project that will be scheduled for next year is the Renewable Energy Coin.  A group of investors affiliated with Renova are planning to launch an ICO that would be based on long term contracts to acquire cheap electricity from several hydroelectric dams in Siberia.  This coin will have a powerful source of competitive advantage, because the cost of electricity in Siberia are five to ten times lower than what Bitcoin miners have to pay in Europe, Asia or the U.S.

More information about the mentioned projects is under an NDA.All of these suggestions have a strong connection to the “real world.”  The last two suggestions are not even ICOs, but shares of publicly listed companies that are engaged in crypto-mining.

  1. D1 Coin. Diamond-based coin that will be launched by Singapore investment fund Diamundi Pte Ltd, using the diamonds produced by ALROSA.  The coin will be trading on the Voshod investment platform in Russia’s Far East.
  2. Hive Blockchain Technologies. This company represents a new trend that merges the traditional capital markets and cryptocurrency.  Hive is a company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and dedicated to crypto mining.   Prior to turning to cryptocurrencies, this was gold mining company called Leeta Gold Corp, whose stock was trading for pennies in the early 2017.  As the result of the change in the business model, the price for stock price increased nearly 20-fold in less than ten months.
  3. Africa Hydrocarbons Inc. This company also trades in Canada, on the Toronto Venture Exchange.  Just like Hive, this company has historically been dedicated to natural resources, but recently changed its focus to cryptocurrencies.  In the interests of full disclosure, author of this article was thinking himself of buying shares in this company.  We don’t know if it will go up many fold just live Leeta-Hive, but we certainly hope it will.

If all else fails, here is one final thought about how to discover a winner in the confusing and rapidly evolving crypto-investment universe. It was recently report that Goldman Sachs is considering trading cryptocurrencies.  The best rule is therefore this.  Find a friend who works at Goldman Sachs, and find out which cryptocurrencies they plan to trade, and then blindly follow them.  To paraphrase Voltaire, if you see a Goldman trader jumping out the window, you should follow him without any doubt, for in doing so there is surely profit to be made.

Happy investing.