The idea of promo tokens makes it possible to popularize the internal cryptocurrency of the project, make it accessible and attractive to a wide range of holders.  Ethereum wallets can be use as storage because they are supplied with the appropriate support, for example, MyEtherWallet. Technically, this idea is implemented through the EIP-20 token based on Etherscan. Tokens are sent to about 1 million addresses, and as for the cost, the price of each monetary unit can be 5-10 times less than the market value. 

How to use promo tokens? 

There are many ways to attract investors, but the most effective will be one that assesses all the positive aspects of the blockchain technology right now. The distribution of promo-tokens among the potential investors is the fastest and most effective. 

Information that appears constantly in the form of advertising or mailings is often taken with annoyance, and all efforts instead of a positive result will lead to many negative consequences. Promo tokens are a non-intrusive way to make your offer noticeable. 

Promotional tokens offer a great opportunity for various campaigns. Cryptocurrency is received by those who actively help the development of ICO, makes reposts in social networks, registers on the resource of the organizers or performs other actions for which they receive a reward. 

Promotional tokens are sent to addresses by random selection. The only condition can be the fact that on the wallet of the recipient should already at that time there is a certain amount in Ethereum. For example, wallets with a sum of 100 ETH are selected in the amount of 35 thousand, etc. 

After the crowdsale ends the contract for promo tokens is removed from the blockchain. Alternatively, promo tokens can be received by those wallets who have ever taken part in the purchase or sale of tokens. Various options are able to be used within the ICO.

Price: 15,000 USD

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