Our company search cooperation partners where we can list and promote our clinets
Hello, we contacted you regarding our company cooperation offer. We want offer your service to our clients. Like we contact 50 - 100 clients and work with 5 - 10 clients per month and offer them service like: ▪️Fundraising ▪️Promotion ▪️Market Making ▪️Exchnage listing ▪️Ico Rating listing site (We also are able to give high commission if you have clients who can be interested in our service, we have best price in market) We offer more service about listing and advertisement like your company. Right now we have only 1 cooperation partner similar like your Ico Rating listing site ICOBENCH.COM, where we can list our clients. Otherwise we have already 45 cooperation partners and 50+ exchange partners. Of course they offer us commission of every client. Do you have paid service what you offer to new projects? We would like to hear your thoughts on this cooperation, we look forward to hearing from you. Our contact information: Email address: info@cryptosupport.services Telegram contact: https://t.me/cryptosupport_services Website: www.cryptosupport.services Thank you very much CryptoSupport manager Jack Hendrix
  • Fundraising
  • Promotion
  • IEO
  • Exchange listing
  • Market making