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Lendsbay: the best credit platform of the future
Lendsbay: the best credit platform of the future
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Blockcloud ICO analysis
Blockcloud ICO analysis
Disclaimer: ICOBuffer is an independent database and is not affiliated with any ICO project or company. All information listed on our website does not...
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Hypernet ICO Review
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How to choose the best ICO: rating, list, reviews

The Initial Coin Offering is an absolute novelty in the investment market. Its aim is the release of tokens - the domestic cryptocurrency for the inner transactions and which has the potential to grow in price depending on the result. This unique and unprecedented tool has opened the way for many successful businesses, allowed talented people to realize their ideas, and investors could get a good profit. Now you have the opportunity to join the new mainstream in order to make your dreams come true or profitably use your free funds and our ICO rating analysis will help you.

What is ICO rating and why is it needed?

In business, as everyone knows, everything is built on the competition, and rating is the only way to demonstrate the relevance of a given position. Since the Initial Coin Offering is a new concept in the financial field, and most investors only revise the opportunities and risks of this direction, we suggest you further get to know each proposal in details, make the right decision and choose the best ICO project from the hundreds represented in the ICO list 2018.

An independent analysis of any proposal is based not only on the evaluation of the plan itself. Of course, it must be real, understandable and doable. Careful studying and forming the rating are the main subjects for the team, the experience of every participant inside its stuff and the ideas that have already been implemented by these specialists. The focus is also on the White Paper, the website, the roadmap, the legal aspects and the MVP of each proposing presented in the ICO list.

ICO Evaluation is a complex and painstaking work, requiring skills and knowledge. Since this direction is new, only the most curious and advanced managers take it. As already mentioned, an entire series of characteristics are subject to estimation, which should be discussed in more details and on this basis the rating is made. The study of the White Paper is the highlight, since here all the nuances of the project are concentrated in the official form.


Based on the above, the document will be able to draw a qualitative conclusion about the structure and hypothetical results. Key information that will be useful and especially interesting for visitors to our best ICO website is, of course, associated with all possible risks. How does the project fit the implementation in the format of the Initial Coin Offering? Is it worth its place in the rating? This is the subject of the study of Risk-score. As for the Hype-score, here we will talk about the level of interest of the idea from other investors.


When studying the subject, MVP is another deciding factor. This abbreviation stands for the “minimum viable product”. Everyone is ready to promise much, but how does it really work? This is especially true of large-scale technical projects, ambitious ideas and plans. Are creators ready to present at least a small part of the scheme so that everyone can see the process? Our site necessarily introduces people to this item.


The roadmap is a kind of path, continued by the ICO launchers so that investors can assess the forthcoming development of thought. It is important for all future holders of your tokens to know when there will be a jump in activity in the market, what is noticeable as for the event that is present in the plans, and most importantly, when the first successful results are  obtained. In the simplest and concise roadmap, the financing stages and the most precise dates for the implementation of the indicated tasks are present. In this section, you can make changes, and for our part we, as an information resource, will also follow the events.


Learn more with an ICO review

Every suggestion, even the most promoted, famous and successful one in our rating, needs a detailed presentation. A brief description helps you get acquainted with the basic info, while the big summary prepared by our professionals, is a complete background of the startup. The overview will help the investor or an expert to find out what important features is, to be informed about the stuff, including advisors, what amount of investment it is allowed to make minimum and maximum, in what currency, the blockchain used to issue tokens and many other significant details.


Each proposition presented in the rating is analyzed impartially as it should be done in any ICO rating agency, in other words the attention is paid to the positive aspects and the probable shortcomings. We are interested in providing transparent and detailed material for the website visitors as well as potential partners for reflection and taking the proper conclusion. Taking on the account the verdict provided by the experienced analytics, it is available to make a right conclusion about cooperation with a certain team. Our service gives the top ICO analysis and  informs about the date of the starting and the end of the sale. The data as for the already implemented crowdsale is preserved; upcoming events are announced in time.


What is the proper review? First, it should be as informative and useful to our readers as possible. The authors of such articles, before bringing data to others, delve into the heart of the matter, thoroughly study the White Paper and extract from it only the most necessary and relevant data. It will not take much time to get acquainted with the article, but on its basis it will be real to form an opinion, to learn about the purpose, objectives and structure of the project. Thousands of successful transactions have been made through our quality and the best ICO reviews. The ICObuffer team hopes that similar works will help you to make the only right conclusion.


Our services are in demand among the organizers of the ICO. You, as the founder of the idea and the leader of the team, certainly want to see many interested people about your business. Advertising, participation in lists and ratings is only half the success. It will be much more effective to place on the pages of our site, so that your hypothetical partners in the future will learn about the upcoming ICO token sale, the timing of implementation, the goals and objectives. Visitors to our site will see the contacts and ask you questions, give tips and suggestions directly.


Not all of the items on the rating list have a legal entity. This is a team of enthusiasts who have to be believed a word they say. Some of them are personally known as founders and players in the big business. Other people require studying and possibly personal acquaintance. Whatever it was, the legal component of the project is important. If we take into account the fact of the future of the ICO, the excitement will be reduced precisely because of the legal background. Some countries have banned such activities, while others willingly provide their legal field to implement even the most daring ideas.



Whether an ICO has a token agreement or does not, the significance of this fact cannot be overestimated. We draw attention to this key detail. Our employers assess the documentation in this direction. In which country is the project located? This is a priority, if not the most decisive thing in general, when it comes to the rating. Financial campaigns of this type are not always doable. There is a practice of suspension and termination of activities. Regulators show more interest, and sometimes even stop business on demand or in connection with suspicions.


Constantly updated ICO list

It's not easy to navigate in a huge number of offers that appear regularly on the network even if one has got an experience in the subject. Fortunately it is much easier to find the best startup when the best ICO listing is ready made and the rating is formed, rather than focusing on the numerous advertising messages, single offers. Thanks to a simple and understandable presentation, as well as the ICO calendar, the future investor will find general data; get answers to his or her questions, study the terms of the beginning and the token sale ending. We invite to cooperation organizations that want their works to be learnt about by as many people as possible, and it is the crucial element of the business success.


For those teams that only nurture their idea or are ready to present it with all the attributes - White Paper, MVP, etc. - it would be topical to learn how to get into the ICO list and to the first positions in the rating. To make your tokens buy faster, and their customers have full confidence in their success, post your startup description with us. Even if your tokens cost a symbolic amount, for example, only a few cents, there is a real chance with the best strategy to attract large amounts. What is attractive in this regard is the ICO; this is because it is allowed to make small contributions.


To not only get on the list, but also to become its leader, therefore, draw everyone's attention to your business, you need to choose the best  platform for the release of tokens. If you look through our catalog, you will see that the vast majority of offers are implemented on the basis of Ethereum and NEO. These blockchains have long established themselves as the best ones in terms of functionality and the subsequent development of the domestic currency.



People who have free money should be provided with a complete investment strategy. Should you sell tokens immediately after entering the exchange or hold crypto coins in your wallet, waiting for their growth? Everything depends on the potential of the idea, and we, on our part, do the best to fully cover it. For those who are just making their first steps in the ICO, our blog will be useful, where not only the best reviews are focused, but also cognitive articles on the topic, technical innovations and interviews with professionals.


How the best ICO listings help to choose an ICO

Every day hundreds of ICOs are registered. It is difficult to find an idea that matches your needs in this mess.  A very convenient way is when all offers are combined into one catalog and presented in the form of a list. The latter allows you to instantly view the summary. We have already given detailed recommendations for those who are in search of the best live ICO, but if you state the above in the brief form, then the following tips should be in focus of your attention:

  • Team

The subject of interest is the experience of the completed ICOs, the activity of each member of the staff in social networks, their countries of origin, and the existence of a social media public, willingness to communicate and answer your questions.

  • Technical and financial features of ICO

The lower and upper bounds of the fund-raising, options for the refunding in the case of a shortfall of funds, the project budget, including additional programs, bounty, etc. must be highlighted. All the development stages should be displayed in the account on Github.

  • Will the project take its niche in the future?

For those who plan to provide their personal money or the company's funds to buy ICO tokens, it's important not just to be attracted with a concept, but also think carefully about whether this project will be viable and useful in a certain field.


Best ICO review website and other benefits of work with ICObuffer

As you see from the above our service is one of the most convenient, informative and presents the best ICO market features:

  • the key to the success by attracting investors and the right policy, everyday update of the information and the most actual news
  • assistance in the implementation of marketing plans and ultimately contributed to the development of projects
  • being on one of the most visited  and the best ICO listing sites, where potential buyers of tokens are gathered and the most interesting ICO