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Interview: Mike Raitsyn, Co-founder of the ICOBox, on his new project
In the beginning of August ICOBox managed to attract over $8.3 million (about 2,100 BTC) during the pre-sale period that lasted only 8 days. The official ICOS token sale was launched on the 15th of August, it will last for 32 days, ending on the 1...
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Interview with BitJob CEO - Dror Medalion
ICO BitJob: https://icobuffer.com/projectsbit...
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ICOs From the Viewpoint of the Traditional Investor named Howard Marks
Do you know anything about Howard Marks? Unlikely. Howard Marks is known to be one of the most respectful investors, the forebear of Oaktree – a famous investment management firm with the main focus on distressed securities. The com...
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